Turkish Rims Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish rims, Turkey rims manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality rims from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

ATLILAR BISIKLET A.S.        Türkiye     Melih ATLI    
s motorcycle spare parts, bicycle spare parts, cylinder, piston, crankcase, crank, carburetor, gearbox, gear, variator, anthem, stator, konjektor, coil, spark plug, exhaust, headlight, signal, bulb, pedal, mirror, shock absorber, roller, saddle, joint, handlebar, buffer, luggage, tire, rim, saddle tube, bolt, nut, rim teli, brake, motorcycle, motorcycles, nuts, pistons, mirrors, cylinders, coils, bolts, bulbs, bicycle spare part, brakes, tires, gears, cranks, rims, buffers, voltage regulators, headlights, rollers, spark plugs, exhausts, pedals, saddles, motorcycle, voltage regulator, motorcycle spare part, carburetors, luggages, variators, signals, handlebars, rim string, gearboxex, anthems, saddle tubes, rim strings
KARE METAL FORM SAN. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s automotive, rim, rims, alloy rim, alloy rims, light rim, light rims, rim products, rim product, automotive rim products, automotive rim product, automotive part, automotive parts
JANTSA JANT SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye         
s multi part heavy duty rim, tractor rims, tractor rim, agricultural vehicles rims, agricultural vehicle rim, harvester wheel rims, rims, rim, rim products, rim product
HSP IS MAKINALARI LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Hakan ORHAN    
s torque converter grps, components, universal joint shafts and yokes, air compressor, brake parts, exhaust system parts, fuel lines, hydraulic components, hydraulic tubes, radiator tubes, air cleaner grp, various items, cooling system parts, joint rods, water pumps, related items, frame, body, drive grp, final drive, axle and diff grp, rims, wheels, rubber parts, u-c componets suspension, components, hydraulic tubes, fuel lines, final drive, axle and diff grp
ETKIN OTO        Türkiye         
s automotive, trailer parts, trailer spare parts, brake systems, rims, trailer body parts, trailer part, trailer spare part, brake system, rim, trailer body part, trailer parts
UYSAL REMORK DONERLERI LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Hasan Hüseyin UYSAL    
s processed arrowhead set, arrowhead bow, nato arrowhead, arrowhead bed, arrowhead with pipe, adjusted trailer jack, trailer tie, moulding draw, axe turnscrew, lug wrench, lifting bow, spring plate, galley, lug with sement, perno, perno nest, d. hinch, big damper hinch, pipe with legs, new small hinch, new big hinch, chain s crook, medium damper hinch, small damper hinch, big pick-up hinch, medium pick-up hinch, small pick-up hinch, big triangle hinch, lift, lift hose, nail, wheel hubs, brake drum, axe, jack, trailer revolings, record, lifts, rims, springs without assistant, springs with assistant, holey ear, front ear, flat shaft arch, pipe shaft arch, flat mounting, bent mounting, setsquare, blade drawlama (with needle), moulding ring, brake lift, murat axle oil box, renault axle oil box, jeep axle oil box, brake lining, arrowhead, 20- arrow lifting bow, lug(with sement), l. hinch, long big hinch, hinch with ear, hinch pipe, leaf hinch, trailer side arm, cover blade, basic male, single chained nail galvanization, double chained nail galvanization, lock chained and nail galvanization, crook with plate, crook round, water tank, airy brake system, centrifgation shafted, air tube, reservoir with crom, galvanized reservoir, caplin, tanker cover, triangle reflector, ball, remote control handle, tail lamp, decor lamp, male, axle oil box with mounting, axle oil box, brake drum with mounting, long
s bridgestone, ceat, goodyear, jeep tires, michelin, pirelli, rims, steel wheels, tires, tires campaigns, truck tires, van tires, wholesale tires, winter tires
CENMAK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     senay soylugil    
s automotive spare parts, tractor parts, tractor components, cenmak automotive, pistons, rings, liners, manifolds, gaskets, filters, seals, radiators, rims, auto gasket, automotive gaskets, blown cost, blown gasket, car gasket, coolant head, copper gasket, custom gaskets, cut gaskets, engine gaskets, engine head, engine kit, epdm gasket, gasket, gasket cylinder, gasket fix, gasket kit, gasket material, gasket oil, gasket replacement, gasket sealer, gasket set, gasket sheet, wheels, rubber, head gasket, seal, industrial gaskets, rubber gasket, gaskets seals, head repair, header gaskets, leaking cylinder, leaking head, manifold gasket, metal gasket, neoprene gasket, oil head, paper gasket, repair blown, silicone gasket, temperature gasket, valve gasket, asbestos gasket
s accessory, clothing, clothing accessories, motorcycle, promotional products, rims, tires, spare part, toys, motorcycle
s hydraulic, hydraulics, trailer revolings, wheel, wheels, lifts, rims, shafts, wheel hubs, trailer rims, trailer jack, trailer remote control handle
s wheels, rims, rim, tubeless, flatbase
CAGLAS OTOMOTIV URUN SAN. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Cahit Köksal    
s rim, rims, wheel, wheels, alloy wheel, alloy wheels
MAG MAKINA IMALAT MUHENDISLIK        Türkiye     Mustafa Yildiz    
s aftermarket components, air intake hose, aircraft maintenance platforms, anchors, auto replacement parts, automotive parts, caterpillar parts, differential parts, fuel vent hoses, heavy equipment parts, hoses, hydraulic cylinders, intercooler outlet hose, machine gun mounts, marine parts, military parts, raw materials, replacement parts, rims, security cages, shafts, sprockets, tow bar, track shoes, vacuum hoses, wheels, wire cables, heater hoses, dog doors, inlet hoses, radia, ship and marine furniture, wire rope assembly
ENZOR OTOMOTIV LTD. STI.        Türkiye     ENZOR OTOMOTİV İTH. İHR. LTD. ŞTİ. istanbul    
s tyres, alloy wheels, rims, tire, tires, tyre, alloy, jante, felgen
MAXION JANTAS JANT A.S.        Türkiye     İshak SİKAR    
s wheels, steel wheels, tubeless wheels, wheel wheels, tube type wheels, rims, rims of a wheel, rim wheels, truck wheels, heavy duty truck wheels, bmc wheels, daf wheels, ford wheels, man wheels, mercedes wheels, renault wheels, scania wheels, volvo wheels, commercial vehicle wheels, trailer wheels, bus wheels, light truck wheels, minibus wheels, military vehicle wheels, demountable wheels, tracker wheels, wheel, steel wheel, tubeless wheel, tube type wheel, rim, rim of a wheel, rim wheel, truck w, truck wheel, trucks wheel, buses wheel, li, trailer wheel, heavy duty truck wheel, bmc wheel, daf wheel, ford wheel, man wheel, mercedes wheel, renault wheel, scania wheel, volvo wheel, commercial vehicle wheel, bus wheel, light truck wheel, minibus wheel, military vehicle wheel, demountable wheel, tracker wheel
ASTEN JANT LTD. STI.             Gökhan TOPAY    
s rims, wheel rims, forklift wheel rims, wheel wheels, construction equipment wheel rims, caterpillar wheel rims, agricultural wheel rims, airport ground equipments, military vehicles, solid tires, pneumatic tires, tires, tyres, ring wheel rims, forklift ring wheel rims, mini loader wheel rims, backhoe loader wheel rims, crane wheel rims, harbour craft wheel rims, mining vehicle wheel rims, tunnel vehicle wheel rims, tractor wheel rims, harvester wheel rims, combine wheel rims, agricultural vehicl, agricultural vehicle wheel rims, wheel rim, tire, rim, tyre, military vehicle, forklift wheel rim, construction equipment wheel rim, caterpillar wheel rim, agricultural wheel rim, airport ground equipment, solid tire, pneumatic tire, ring wheel rim, forklift ring wheel rim, mini loader wheel rim, backhoe loader wheel rim, crane wheel rim, harbour craft wheel rim, mining vehicle wheel rim, tunnel vehicle wheel rim, tractor wheel rim, harvester wheel rim, combine wheel rim, agricultural vehicle wheel rim
DERLEN KAUCUK SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Mustafa BARUTCU    
s tyres, wheels, tires, mudflaps, mats, vehicle mudflaps, minibus mudflaps, pickup mudflaps, phosphorous mudflaps, minibus phosphorous mudflaps, trailer mudflaps, tractor mats, vehicle mats, auto mats, minibus mats, car mats, taxi mats, pickup mats, truck mats, long vehicle mats, pneumatic wheels, solid wheels, rims, semi solid wheels, extra wheels, wheel, mat, tire, rim, tyre, car mat, auto mat, pneumatic wheel, solid wheel, mudflap, vehicle mudflap, minibus mudflap, pickup mudflap, phosphorous mudflap, minibus phosphorous mudflap, trailer mudflap, tractor mat, vehicle mat, minibus mat, taxi mat, pickup mat, truck mat, long vehicle mat, semi solid wheel, extra wheel, caster, casters
NUBES OTOMOTIV LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Ümit ÖZ    
s tyre, tyres, tire, tires, rim, rims, battery, batteries, auto tire, auto tires, auto tyre, auto tyres, automobile tires, automobile tyres, bus tire, bus tires, bus tyre, bus tyres, hankook auto tyres, hankook summer tyres, hankook winter tyres, heavy vehicle tires, light commercial tyre, light commercial tyres, light truck tires, mercedes truck, scania parts, scania truck parts, summer tires, summer tyre, summer tyres, tire services, truck tire, truck tires, truck tyre, truck tyres, tyre service, vehicle tires, light truck tyres, winter tires, winter tyres, tyre, vehicle tyres, winter tyre, auto rims, auto tyres, auto tyre, light commercial tyre
HELIS AKTARMA ORGANLARI LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Armağan ÖZGÜR    
s starter ring gear, flywheel ring gear, ring gear, ring gears, clutch, clutch parts, clutch spare parts, gearbox parts, gearbox spare parts, cardan shaft, cardan shafts, propeller shaft, differential parts, differential spare parts, axle, wheels, rims, auto axle, car axles, auto wheel, auto wheels, car wheels, auto rims, car rim, car rims, auto cardan shafts, auto gearbox, auto gearbox parts, auto gearbox spare parts, auto clutch parts, auto clutch spare parts, auto parts, wheel, auto spares, auto spare parts, car spare parts, car parts, light vehicle spare parts, light vehicle parts, light vehicle spares, passenger car parts
SARDEN OTOMOTIV LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Nahsen UÇAR    
s tire, tyre, tires, tyres, tire repair, wheel wheels, tire repairs, tie rod adjustment, wheel balance repairs, headlamp adjustments, auto repairs, auto repair, rim repairs, automobile repairs, autocar repairs, car repairs, rims, rims of wheel, steel wheels, steel rims, wheels, rubber tyres, rubber tires, batteries, auto batteries, car batteries, car tires, car tyres, auto tyres, auto tires, rim, rim of wheel, steel wheel, steel rim, wheel, rubber tyre, rubber tire, battery, auto battery, car battery, car tire, car tyre, auto tyre, auto tire